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K-2016,Dusseldorf(Germany) This October, we are all set to go and exhibit in the K-2016: The World's no. 1 Trade Fair of Plastic & Rubber, Oct. 19-26 in Dusseldorf, Germany. You are welcome to visit us at our booth: 8b/G11-4.(..................) ARABPLAST 2017, Dubai, UAE At the beginning of next year,we will be participating in the ARABPLAST 2017: The Middle East's no. 1 Fair for Plastics, Petrochemicals& Rubber, Jan 08-10, 2017, in Dubai, UAE.We welcome you to visit us at our booth: 1D160-2.(..................................................) 10th PLASTIVISION INDIA (India) At the beginning of next year, once again in January, we will be participating in the 10th PLASTIVISION INDIA: India's no. 1 Plastic & Rubber Exhibition, Jan 19-23, 2017 at Bombay Exhibition Center, Goregaon East, Mumbai, India.We will be graced byyour presenceat our booth: HALL VI D1-05.

We hope to attract talents who can combine their individual growth with the growth of the enterprise, as well as those who can combine their individual professional skills and career planning with the development of Korllin Ecoplastics.

In order to find talents who can create the future together with the enterprise and combine their individual growth with the growth of the enterprise, our recruitment program is based on the precondition of the long-term training in Korllin Ecoplastics.

In the recruitment, we not only consider your professional skills, but also pay more attention to your potential, your enthusiasm for the work, as well as whether your future development is in line with the growth our enterprise or not.

In interviews, we ask you to describe more about your planning for the future and your intended work. In this way we can understand and judge, through mutual communication, whether there are the works or environment you desired in
Korllin Ecoplastics or not, as well as whether our company can provide a platform for the growth of your career.

Recruitment Policy of
Korllin Ecoplastics
The talents we need should be these who can not only resonate our corporate philosophy but also implement the philosophy in practice, as well as those who are full of both professional knowledge and management and operating capabilities.

If we can not have both of the above virtues at the same time, we prefer those who value our corporate philosophy and implement the philosophy in practice.